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Harry Potter will always be my main fandom. It's my very favorite thing ever. It doesn't have to be YOUR favorite thing for me to like you, but it certainly helps.
If you can't stand Harry Potter at all, just don't bother talking to me. Dude, I'm serious.

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The Short and Simple Summary of Alex:

I'm a 20-something Gryffindor. I have a degree in history, and another in museum-related things. I have a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm for natural history museums, an undying love for the Ninja Turtles, and I'm probably going to die from consuming too much Dr. Pepper. I don't grow out of my interests. Once I like something, I like it forever. I really like polar bears and LEGO. My interests tend to make people think I'm about 5, but that's okay. My favorite author is J.K. Rowling followed closely by the genius that is Douglas Adams. My favorite president is Theodore Roosevelt. I have two dogs; Bebee and Duncan. Like everyone ELSE on LJ, I like to write. I really really like dogs! If you like dogs, I probably like you. I grew up a Nintendo loyalist and pretty much fanboying everything Apple does. I like the color bright blue, the number 3, and dinosaurs.

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I am alexparker on AVEN.


From the talented margalite:


Roy Mustang is way cooler than you'll ever be love... and way cooler than you'll ever be :P
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Team Satomi is rookie-champ love.

Takeshi Jin is a bit whiny, but ultimately forgiven love.

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